What I Do

What I Do

Level 3 mat based Pilates instructor, Yoga alliance certified teacher, Reiki practitioner and Nutrionist...with a passion for helping people!

Dhanurasana aka Bow Pose Yoga

What I Do

I am a level 3 mat based Pilates instructor, 200 hours Yoga Alliance certified Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga teacher, Nutrionist for sports performance and fat loss, pre and post natal holistic exercise specialist and a level 2 Reiki practitioner. Whatever your needs, desires and goals are…I am certain I can help you achieve them and maintain happier, healthier lifestyle.

I am passionate about everything I do and want to share my enthusiasm and love for holistic exercise with Singaporeans, especially Yoga and Pilates.

I started practicing Yoga and Pilates as a way of improving my own health and as a gentle introduction into the World of exercise. I have soon discovered that both could be as challenging as you wish them to be and also helped a great deal with other sports and everyday physical and mental activities. Pilates and Yoga have seen me through ups and downs and so I made them my life and profession. I have worked with a wide variety of people in Group and One to One environments and throughout my career and own practice have discovered the following serious and fund facts about Pilates and Yoga…


  • Helps strengthen the deep inner muscles of the trunk known as the core
  • Reduces back pain
  • Improves posture
  • Reverses certain muscular and joint conditions and aids in recovery after injury
  • Makes you better at singing due to improved quality of breath and core control!


  • Improves overall body strength and alignment
  • Promotes greater mind and body connection
  • Helps with digestion and detox
  • Increases mobility and stability in the joints
  • With a bit of luck…can help you recreate some of the poses you could strike as a baby!

The benefits of holistic living are very personal and unique…I hope to get a chance to help you find yours.