We know you will love Pilates and Yoga as much as I do. I put so much time and effort into my sessions, and I have had some wonderful feedback from my participants over the years. But dont take my word for it, just ask some of my participants! Check below to read testimonials from my Pilates and Yoga family...

Pilates & Yoga Reviews Singapore

Zoya always pays attention to her students, she transmits good energy, and shares with passion. She will guide to improve yourself with respect for your body. I would recommend her to anyone from beginner to advance.


Joining zoya's class was really amazing. Full of positive energy she brings you to get to your better self. You easily notice her wonderful smile which makes you release your tensions during difficult asanas!


While practising yoga with Zoya I clear my mind and surrender myself to her clear guiding through postures and breathing. I truly enjoy this time that allows me to stay present and grounded. She is a professional and experienced instructor while being calm and caring.


Zoya’s class is incredible. Calm yet strong with great energy vibes. Zoya takes care of each student adjusting them when necessary. She always explains the benefits of the asanas and suggests variations for those willing to try more or less strong poses for those who need a bit more time learning and getting in their comfort zone.


Zoya is a wonderful and experienced teacher. She provides very profound classes with a lot of love. She is passionate about her job and loves to teach – that is what you can feel every minute you are with her. With her help you will be able to improve very fast your practice. Thank you, Zoya, for your patience and your sensitivity to our individual needs.


Been going to classes for over 2 years now and never miss it! It is different every week and Zoya really knows how to challenge you!! Just wanted to say how much I've loved classes and are going to miss you now you are in Singapore! Wish you all the best and the Singaporians aren't going to know what's hit them, hahaha!


As a fellow pilates instructor, I still attend Zoya's classes on a weekly basis. She is one of the best in the business and I always pick up on next tips in her approach and teaching style.

Burnham Beeches

Relaxing and helped destress after work. Zoya gave me lots of advice on different stretches and exercises that I could also do at home. Was a really good introduction to holistic exercise without being too 'traditional.


Really loved the variety and intensity of the classes...made me feel alive! Zoya really knows how to teach and get the best from us all. Was unsure first time I went to class being a guy, but Zoya made me feel very welcome.


I found the classes challenging but also fun...gave me all round fitness which helped with the other exercise classes I do. Zoya is exceptionally professional, efficient and inspriring!

Gerrards Cross

Classes had a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. In the 2 years I have been attending classes I have found that the problems I had with my lower back muscles have pretty much all gone. This has given me the confidence to exercise more and not have to worry about the consequence...just wish I could attend classes more than once a week.


Soon after retiring from work I decided to approach Pilates training for the first time in my life, predominantly to keep flexible, build up body strength and tone-up.  I struck lucky when I met Zoya,  and for the following two years she guided , encouraged and challenged me at every stage of her weekly routines. Reliable,  highly organised in planning her disciplines, and with great humour and camaraderie, she made our sessions pure pleasure. She never repeated a routine and used a range of equipment to keep me on my toes ( literally). Going to miss her lots!