Pilates - is a physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates, after whom it was named.

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Pilates is a unique, safe and effective workout for the whole body paying particular attention to deep core muscles that are crucial for daily living as well as sports.

There are hundreds of reasons to take on Pilates. The most common ones include:

  •  Improved posture (Pilates focuses on better alignment for all the joints and body parts – you could never walk out of a class or a private session slouching!)


  • Reduced back and joint pain (in Pilates we spend a lot of time developing flexibility and strength of our major joints – hip, knee, shoulder – as well as spine, all the way from cervical to lumbar region. This means that the joints are stronger (minimising the risk of injury and reducing pain) and more flexible (making sure you could perform your other sports and daily living activities for a lot longer with a lot less stress on your body))


  •  Increased core strength (all of the Pilates exercises with no exception focus on the ‘core’ – wide belt of muscles in your abdominals, waist and back – providing strong and safe base for every single activity – from getting that shopping out of the car boot to running a marathon)


  • Reduced stress levels (provided by the focus on the body – mind connection as well as deep lateral thoracic breathing)


  • Strengthening of pelvic region (crucial to women of child bearing age as the type of exercises used in Pilates improve the strength of the deep core muscles including pelvic floor (Kegel muscles) as well as teaching us to reconnect with our bodies after child birth)


  • Sports specific improvements (golf, tennis, squash, running, weight training and swimming to name a few. There are sports specific exercises in Pilates that would make your sports safer and more enjoyable in years to come!)

Pilates is taught using layering technique (easier to harder options) therefore is suitable for all age groups, abilities and experience level. Originally designed for dancers, Pilates today is one of the most popular forms of exercise bringing out stronger, leaner and more flexible you with an incredible muscle tone.

I teach mat based Pilates using a variety of equipment on a one to one or small group basis.