Pilates For Tennis

Pilates For Tennis

Pilates For Tennis - tennis players require good stability, mobility and flexibility to play tennis. Pilates can help develop a set of strong core muscles and improve overall balance to help improve tennis players physical fitness.

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Pilates For Tennis

Tennis requires agility and mobility coupled with precision and focus. The quality and control of spinal and upper limb movement are fundamental to good technique.

Pilates exercises will really help improve this, through the awareness and self-control it develops. The repetitive and forceful nature of the movements involved in the game also brings the risk of strain in and around the joints of the arm. Pilates exercises will also help to keep the balance between stability and mobility at an optimal level around these joints.

Practicing regular Pilates sessions in between matches as part of your regular training will really help you stay on top of your game; incorporate the following exercises:

  • Waist twist – standing
  • Side reach – standing
  • Oblique curl ups
  • Single leg stretch
  • Cobra
  • Single leg kicks
  • Roll downs
  • Pilates squats