Pilates for Running

Pilates For Running

Pilates For Running - runners and joggers can suffer from repetitive strain injuries of the legs, ankles and feet. There are a number of Pilates exercises that can help reduce the effect of running related injuries.

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Pilates For Running

Running is the most natural of all physical activities as our bodies are designed for it. All that is required is suitable footwear and the great outdoors and away you go. It is an excellent way to keep in shape, exercising your heart and lungs and toning the whole body. The main issues usually arise from poor technique, which Pilates can certainly help improve.

We would recommend the following exercises:

  • Spine curls
  • Hip rolls
  • Curl ups
  • Single leg stretch
  • Cobra
  • Single leg kicks
  • Roll downs
  • Pilates squats