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Are you tired from working at your desk all day? Being stuck in meeting rooms? Is your posture suffering from incorrect alignment and lack of movement? Are you finding it difficult to focus and keep up the energy levels? Are you and your colleagues looking to increase your productivity and keep happy and healthy? Try Yoga or Pilates in the office!

I offer morning, lunchtime or after work Pilates and Yoga classes at the comfort of your office – all you need is a mat and a change of clothes.

Here are 10 main benefits and good reasons for you and your colleagues to try Yoga or Pilates in the workplace:

  • Reduce Stress (there is no secret that a stressful workplace could have a negative impact not only on the person affected but also their colleagues, friends and relatives creating a really grey cloud over the whole office, and holistic exercise with its breathing and lengthening focus provides a perfect cure!)


  • Increase Focus (Pilates and Yoga coordination and breath with movement keeps the mind in the ‘now’ and the person grounded and present – a skill that the participants can take away with them into a fast paced multitasking work environment benefiting both themselves and the company)


  • Improve Posture (Pilates and Yoga focuses on better alignment for all the joints and body parts as well as back and hip openers – you could never walk out of a class slouching! In time muscle memory would offer the best possible alignment away from the mat too resulting in better posture, more flexible and stable joints and spine)


  • Reduce Back and Joint Pain (in Pilates and Yoga we spend a lot of time developing flexibility and strength of our major joints – hip, knee, shoulder – as well as the spine, all the way from cervical to lumbar region. This means that the joints are stronger (minimising the risk of injury and reducing pain) and more flexible (making sure you could perform your other sports and daily living activities for a lot longer with a lot less stress on your body))


  • Increase Core Strength (all of the Pilates exercises with no exception focus on the ‘core’ – wide belt of muscles in your abdominals, waist and back – providing strong and safe base for every single activity – from getting that shopping out of the car boot to running a marathon)


  • Improve Self Confidence (Yoga and Pilates movements are designed to increase flexibility whilst building the muscle strength, both are taught using the layering technique, and small achievements lead to great results – see how strong and nimble you can become!)


  • Increase Energy (any exercise has proven to have a dramatic positive effect on the energy levels, Yoga and Pilates however offer a strong but calm experience without an energy ‘drop’ after the class, which makes them a really great choice for mornings and lunchtimes as well as evenings. Taking time to focus on oneself mentally also gives you the energy to tackle the rest of the day)


  • Boost Immunity (Yoga and Pilates activate the immune system by tapping into ‘rest and digest’ aka parasympathetic part of your nervous system, responsible for restoration and revival of the body. The exercises also stimulate healthier flow of the blood and improve bone and joint health through weight bearing exercises – happier and healthier employees, greater work performance and less sick days are to be expected!)


  • Improve Digestion (Taking meals at your desk between the meetings, rushing the food down and making questionable lunch choices can lead to indigestion, heartburn and increased acidity however many Yoga and Pilates poses focus on aiding in digestion and detoxification of the body – deep forward fold and twists are two classic examples!)


  • Boost Morale (doing something fun, non-work related, free from obligations and deadlines can really lift everyone’s spirits and provide a very important bonding experience as well as a unique ‘selling point’ for desirable candidates to join the team – who wouldn’t love a Yoga or Pilates class brought to them?)


Pricing & Offers

  • Yoga
  • Pilates

Standard Pricing

SGD 150 / Per Hour
  • 180
  • 180

3 Session Package

SGD 500 For 3 Sessions / Per Hour
  • 500
  • 500

8 Week Package Offer

SGD$1200 For 8 Sessions / Per Hour
  • 1200
  • 1200


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  • Level 3 mat based Pilates instructor and Yoga Alliance certified teacher with years of experience.
  • Warm and approachable. Tailored individual sessions to suit all levels of experience and fitness levels.
  • Flexible and affordable – times and locations to suit you!
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